A toilet is a very personal and delicate thing and Collect Waste has toilets for the most discerning customer! Toilets for special events and parties. Toilets for building sites. Toilets for those major bathroom renovations!

Collect Waste has:

  • Builder’s Toilets – the standard, no frills pit toilet with a toilet paper dispenser.
  • Flushing Toilets – nicer than the Builder’s toilets – a flushing system with a hand basin.
  • Deluxe Toilets – the ‘bells and whistles’ version! Flushing mechanism, hand basin, mirror, paper dispenser, coat hook, hand towel hook, and motion detection sensor lighting. What more could you ask for in a loo!

Toilets are inspected on site once per week and serviced (a nice way of saying pumped out’) as required. Collect Waste knows how important it is to sit down in a hygienic environment!

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